What drives all the things we do?

Our Mission

  • Protecting the environment by providing effective waste management services
  • Promoting recycling through an integrated waste reduction system, by educating households in Bujumbura to sort their waste in order to limit the amount of garbage disposed in landfills, hence reduce greenhouse gas emissions from landfills,
  • Raising awareness and educate young people on the importance of a healthy environment through good management of biological resources and ensure that any use of these resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable for the benefit of present and future generations
  • Improving Household Food Security through introduction of bio-intensive agricultural practices at household levels, hence reducing malnutrition and improving the population’s health and access to nutritive foods


Transforming BURUNDI into a Zero-Waste Country, by continuously supporting and promoting a circular economy whereby waste is transformed into valuable resources and returned to the productive and living cycle, in opposite to a linear economy of ‘take, use, dispose’ mode of production by 2030


We uphold ourselves with professionalism, honesty, sincerity to deliver our services efficiently and effectively

We strive to improve our company’s daily operations in progressing and growing to achieve the Key Performance Indicators, through continuous learning and upgrade of knowledge and skills.

We encourage our team to service clients using creative and proactive means for the development of practical solutions and ideas for the company, its customers and all its stakeholders.

The customer is the most important element in our business; therefore, all our efforts are geared towards making the customer happy consistently.

We value our people and do not discriminate as we treat them equally with dignity for all to take advantage of their full potential and opportunity in the business.

Work satisfaction and team spirit are important to us because nothing motivates a person to give their best every day more than successful work results and projects.

Social commitment and social responsibility in the form of responsible, sustainable action are key elements of our culture This means that we not only focus on the economic success of our business activities, but also on the impact that is made on people, society, and the environment.