On the sidelines of the First African Union SME ANNUAL FORUM that was held in Cairo, Egypt from 27th June to 1st July 2022 under the theme of

Economic Empowerment of SMEs, Women and Youth Entrepreneurship to realize Africa’s industrialization in the context of integrated market”;

the #BusinessExecutive/#SheAchieverNetwork alongside the #AFRICABUSINESSCOUNCIL respectively led by Baroness #PauletteKporo and #DrAmanyAsfour, co-hosted the #AFRICANWOMENAWARDS Gala, that recognizes Women from all across Africa who have been outstanding in their professional activities and have positively impacted their respective communities amidst the Pandemic. 

Mrs Aniella Niyondiko, Founder of AHEZA IWACU was recognized as a SHE ACHIEVER, and was awarded the AFRICAN WOMEN AWARD 2022 in the Waste Management Category.

This is so encouraging to see the work we do in around Waste Management being recognized !

Thanks to our partners for your continious support !

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