Waste collection and recycling

AHEZA IWACU is committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. We offer optimized residential and commercial waste collection services

Organic Fertilizers

We process your food waste into organic fertilizers suitable to your vegetable gardens, fields and flowers.

Plastic Roof tiles

Recycling of plastics is essential in today’s world. Plastic, being a non-biodegradable material, takes several decades to degrade enough to be reused again. Hence, we are expanding our recycling industry by introducing this year a new project of recycling plastic into roof tiles that are very friendly to the environment with a 100% recycle rate.

This material has excellent waterproofing qualities which can resist most weather conditions. Plastic tiles are very strong and durable with a good lifespan.

Improving household food security

Our work is to also ensure that nutrition and livelihood security at the household level are achieved. We provide training on dietary diversity using bio intensive and inter-cropping agriculture practices, thereby achieving better living conditions and a more secure environment to live in.

Entrepreneurship training

At Aheza Iwacu we believe that sharing is caring! That is why we provide business and Leadership trainings to University Students and Aspiring Entrepreneurs so they may have equipped with the right skills and tools as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey