+ 1 Kgs

collected in the Municipality of  Bujumbura

1 Kgs
of Organic fertilizers



trained on bio-intensive agricultural practices 

+ 1
Youth and women

trained on Business and Entrepreneurship 


We are the first Waste company in Burundi to have launched a digital platform of waste

tracking and collection services to better serve our clients by:

  • Providing constant information on an efficient and effective waste management
  • Easing the service accessibility
  • Keeping their environment clean and safe

Our technology is capable of adapting to different clients, giving users information that will specifically help them to sort and dispose their trash. We aim to provide unique solutions to each of our client’s problems.

We are expanding our recycling industry by processing plastic waste, hence decrease the amount of pollution in the air and water sources. Our new Waste processing mechanism have lowered our cost of production over the year New methods and

improving technology helped us provide service at lower prices and serve a large audience.

Aheza Iwacu presence in both the agricultural and eco-conservation circles have been steadily growing. We are currently a proud collaborator with other environmental NGOs and Agriculture Network Associations.

Furthermore, we will launch projects empowering local Eco farming groups, in 2021.